Thursday, October 18, 2007

Narragansett Sachem Election in October

By Ken Davison

The Narragansett Tribe said that they will arrest any disenrolled members with trespassing if they try to vote in an upcoming election on October 27th that will determine the tribe´s next Sachem.

Tribal law enforcement officers will ask state and local police to arrest disenrolled members for trespassing if they interfere with the elections. More than 200 tribal members were kicked out of the tribe after a membership dispute last year. About half of them were reinstated after later producing documents showing their ties to the tribe.

The current Sachem, Matthew Thomas, is facing Paula Jennings in the election. Jennings is opposed to the removal of tribal members from the rolls. "These are the people that allowed us to get Federal acknowledgement in 1983. Their names were on the base roll, " Jennings told the Westerly Sun.