Monday, February 4, 2008

Future Kansas Casinos Pass Legal Hurdle

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The new gambling law in Kansas, which permits commercial casino licenses under a process in which the Mohegans are now bidding, was upheld last week in Shawnee County district court.

Judge Charles Andrews ruled the new gambling law, which permits casinos, falls under the Kansas Constitution's definition of permitted gambling as a "state-owned and operated lottery" because the state has reserved for itself in the new gambling law the decision-making and control over important aspects, such as casino ownership and operation.

The attorney general for Kansas, Steven Six, said he will appeal the decision to the Kansas Supreme Court. An appeal could delay casino gambling in the state unless the matter is expedited in the Supreme Court.

The gambling law allows for four state-owned casino resorts and slot machines at dog and horse tracks in Kansas in addition to the existing Indian gaming in that state.

The Mohegan Tribe, and their partners, submitted a proposal to build a $770 million casino resort in the Wyandotte County-Kansas City region. The Mohegan group is competing against three other groups for one of the casino licenses. Winning applicants are to be selected by March 25th but that date could be extended.