Monday, March 10, 2008

Mohegan Sun Slot Players Receive "Free Play" Promotions

By Ken Davison

The Mashantucket Pequot's Foxwoods Casino has been giving millions of dollars in free-slot play promotions to its customers in the hope of increasing its market share.

Recently, it was reported that the Mohegan Sun began a similar promotion. Upon learning this from an article in The Day newspaper, tribal councilors were reported to be furious. But why?

Our tribal council also acts as the casino gaming board, responsible for casino oversight. Tribal councilors have allowed themselves the ability to gamble at the casino. This means, of course, that even those tribal councilors that make up the casino audit committee can also gamble.

So why were the tribal councilors upset upon hearing about the free-play promotions? Was it because they didn't think the free-play promotion was strategically appropriate for the casino? Or were they angry that they didn't personally recieve free-play money from the casino?

We will never know but its certainly not fair to tribal members to be put in the position of questioning the motives of their tribal councilors who should be responsible for the casino's integrity. In one of my meetings with renowned gaming analyst Marvin Roffman 15 years ago, he said that our casino's integrity is its most important asset. "If the integrity of the casino is called into question, the harm could be irreparable."