Friday, April 11, 2008

Editorial: Feather News Seeks Same Press Access Extended To Non-Indian Press

Feather News

The Feather News, which provides independent news to Mohegan tribal members and is written by Mohegan tribal members, has requested access to the tribe's press conferences and press releases.

We contacted the tribe's chief-of-staff and former aide to U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, Chuck Bunnell, who has not yet been able to respond with positive news.

The Feather News is the only independent media in the tribe and its publisher, Ken Davison, has reported independently on tribal affairs off and on for fifteen years.

The publication has a number of roaming corresponding editors who are also tribal members and, in fact, all Mohegans are the inspiring drive behind the publication.

The Feather News simply asks for the same access that is given to the local non-Indian press.

After all, the more opportunities the Feather News has to extract information that may add to the collective knowledge of tribal members can only be helpful to the tribal body.

A free press is the right of tribal members and blocking access to this free press would be inconsiderate to the membership.

Separately, the Feather News has tweeked its publication. Readers can now post comments to articles on the Feather News as of tonight.

Tribal members have the option of using their names or can post comments anonymously due to the past history of tribal council's attitude toward tribal members expressing their thoughts. All comments will be reviewed before getting posted in the event they contain serious allegations that may need to be substantiated before being posted.

I'm sure we will have further thoughts on the policy of posting comments but, in the meantime ... feel free to express yourself.