Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hit-And-Run At Sandy Desert

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Updated with video of accident

A hit-and-run accident near the intersection of Route 32 and Sandy Desert Road, which leads to the Mohegan Sun casino, took place late Monday night. Video of the hit-and-run is posted on the following site. After clicking on the following site, click on the video called "surveillance from Rt. 32 accident," located underneath the article headline:

The following are the comments of local residents that were posted to The Day newspaper's article, which was written following the incident:

Posted - 4/16/2008
10:51:40 AM
these people getting hit is mostly the STC's fault.The push button on the cross walk says wait for green lite to cross.But at the same time it turns green the left turn lite from the sun turns green. When the walkturns all other lites should stay red.- CHECK IT OUT and see for yourself.
bob uncasville

Posted - 4/15/2008
9:07:58 PM
i think you people are missing the point here. someone was hit and some irresponsible person took off. yes the employees are tough to see at night time, but come on when you run over a box you feel it in your car.your going to tell me the person didn't know or feel they hit someone or something. i don't buy it sorry.will the real driver...please stand up!
missing the pointniantic, ct

Posted - 4/15/2008
7:32:29 PM
I do believe that the Asian walkers , for their protection, were given reflective vests so they could be seen at night, yet they refuse to wear them. If not the vest then , how about some light colored clothes, or a flashlight. God knows that 32 is just as bad as 395, especially at disfunction junction....PEOPLE JUSTNEED TO SLOW DOWN, and to the person(s) who hit this poor girl and left, may you rot in hell.
mel new london

Posted- 4/15/2008
6:23:09 PM
I have worked at the Sun for close to twelve years and in that time, the Asian walkers as well as others have been given reflecticve wear, blinking lights to attatch to their clothing and other items. It is their decision to not utilize the safety gear provided for them at no charge. The blame falls with the driver whochose to run a light and did not have the humanity to stop for a fellow human being that they had just runover. Stop trying to blame the Sun for everything without knowing the full facts of how and what they provide for their employee's.
Craig Uncasville, Connecticut

Posted - 4/15/2008
5:39:53 PM

Posted - 4/15/2008
4:23:50 PM
Not sure why it's the Mohegan's fault that some idiot blew a red light and hit a pedestrian. There was a proper crosswalk and the Mohegans are correcting thatmess that Sandy DESERT was. Blame the irresponsible person that run an innocent down. I hope they are alright.
LaurieNorwich, CT

Posted - 4/15/2008
10:00:53 AM
How Much would it cost the Mohegans to save alife??For what ever reason there seems to be a lot of People of Asian decent getting run overor Killed right in this area. It should be the burden of the SUN torectify this, Many easy solutions, but alas they cost money and its cheaper to replace the fallen