Monday, May 19, 2008


By Ken Davison

In an article last week on the Mohegan groundbreaking for its Earth Hotel, we reported that Dan Akroyd had once "ridiculed the Mohegan Tribe in a Saturday Night Live anniversary special." In fact, it was Akroyd's fellow "blues brother" Bill Murray who ridiculed the tribe in the 25th anniversary Saturday Night Live special program. The article has since been updated.

I had seen the show when it aired - in disbelief I might add - and since that article was written last week, I had nagging thoughts that I may have mistaken identities.

In the skit, Murray played a lounge singer named Nick Thinblood who was performing at an Indian Casino. He said he changed his name to Thinblood after discovering that he was 1/256th "Omagawli" Indian and eligible to receive a cut of the Indian casino's profits. At the end of the skit, Murray said "Thank you local Senator Chris Dodd for that lovely freeway off-ramp that gets everybody to the casino in record time" and suggested that Dodd arranged for the off-ramp after the tribe (or its partners) was "provided the opportunity to fund" a government project.