Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Editorial: Pristine Woods In Front Of Tribal Government Building

By Ken Davison

Two months ago, the issue of a majority of the tribal councilors voting in favor constructing a new government building came to the forefront. The Feather News suggested that the project should at least be put on hold, given the uncertain financial condition of the tribe and the casino, if not abandoned altogether and replaced with a plan to have a temporary, inexpensive community center for the tribe.

Instead of building a massive project, I suggested that the tribal council work to keep our existing property clean if they really wanted to impress visitors. I posted some photos of the woods in front of the tribal government building to show that the property could use some cleaning up.

I learned one important fact after posting those photos. Cousin Joe, a dedicated government employee and tribal member, spoke with me about the photos and it was clear that the photos upset him. Our conversation got cut short but it was also clear to me that he really cared. I always knew he cared about the tribe and that he worked for the tribal government but I didn't know in which department he worked until that day.

I took a walk over to the woods in front of the tribal government building this afternoon. It was cleaned up and I'm sure it was no easy task considering that some of the debris included appliances and what looked to be truck axles that were probably there for decades before the existing government (warehouse) building was even built.

In an exception to our motto "what goes up never comes down," the Feather News will be taking down the earlier photos in honor of cousin Joe and others who may have helped bring the woods back to their natural condition.