Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rhode Island Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto To Allow 24-Hour Gambling

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Rhode Island lawmakers approved 24-hour gambling on weekends and holidays at the two Rhode Island slot parlors yesterday, overturning Tuesday's veto by Governor Don Carcieri.

The Senate voted 24-8 and the House 51-16 to overturn the governor's veto, which now allows both Newport Grand and Twin River slot parlors to stay open 24-hours on holidays and weekends, beginning this weekend.

The Mohegan Sun has not yet released its slot figures for the month of April but sources suggest that the declines are continuing. In addition to the usual factors contributing to the recent declines, the month of May will see the opening of a new MGM casino at Foxwoods and the new 24-hour weekend and holiday slot play at the two Rhode Island slot parlors.

The new 24-hour law expires in June 2009 and can only be extended after that date if renewed by state lawmakers.