Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Council Of Elders Election Mailing Expected To Be Replaced

Feather News

The Council of Elders' election mailing received by tribal members this week may be replaced by a new mailing which is expected to include the resumes of candidates (on separate pages) but also a new ballot. The new ballot could be of a different color than the first ballot.

The new mailing is expected to go out by June 25 and the date in which ballots are to be returned could be extended from July 11 to July 18 under the new plan. We are waiting for confirmation from the election committee on the above changes.

Standards of conduct were previously sent out to all candidates by the Election Committee. In it candidates were told to refrain from stating mistruths or rumors about opposing candidates, emphasize truthfully their respective qualifications for office, refrain from encouraging their supporters to conduct smear campaigns against rival candidates and work to conduct their campaigns at the highest ethical standards of behavior.