Friday, June 20, 2008

Council Of Elders Election Update

Feather News

New packets will be mailed to the 1,091 Mohegan adults eligible to vote in the upcoming Council of Elders election.

According to a letter prepared by the Election Committee and dated June 18, it has been "decided to re-issue the candidates’ resumes and official ballot. Your previous materials including your ballot are VOIDED, and will not be counted. Please discard any materials you have received and use the new balloting materials as reference when voting. The new official ballot will be of a different color and we expect to mail it out with the new voting package on or about June 25th."

According to the election committee, each candidate's resume will be included on a separate page in the upcoming mailing.

"The Election Committee apologizes to the membership about any confusion or inconvenience. However, not all of the recently mailed ballot packages were the same and this could have affected some of the candidates. That was unacceptable to us because we feel every candidate and voter must be treated equally."