Monday, June 23, 2008

Transportation Problems Plague Elders' Trips To Games

Feather News

Each summer, Tribal elders living at the Fort Hill Elder Housing Building attend two or three minor league baseball games at Dodd Stadium in Norwich.

A bus picks them up at Fort Hill and brings them to the stadium. Two weeks ago, the Norwich Defenders played the Trenton Thunder. The Norwich Defenders is a farm team of the San Francisco Giants and plays their home games in Norwich’s Dodd Stadium. The bus arranged by the Tribe brings elders to the games before they start but, unfortunately, the bus leaves Dodd Stadium to return back to Fort Hill before the games are over.

Sources tell us that the bus always leaves before the games are over but the elders have learned to live with it.

Two weeks ago, the Norwich Defenders were tied with the Trenton Thunder, a New York Yankee farm team, going into the ninth inning. The score was 6-6 and the bus once again made a home run - back to the elder housing building at Fort Hill before the game was over.

Despite calls made to the Tribe, the Feather News couldn’t find out much about why there is consistently a logistical problem with the bus schedule when leaving the games. We did, however, find out the final score for those who didn’t see the end of the game. The Defenders lost to Trenton by a score of 9-6.