Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letter To Editor From Mitch Etess

The following letter to the editor was sent to the Kansas City Star, according to Chuck Bunnell, the tribal government's chief of staff for external and governmental affairs. The Kansas City Star article, which discussed the Tribe's judgement in partnering with Dennis Troha on a proposed Indian casino Wisconsin, was re-published on the Feather News earlier this week as part of the ongoing Tribes In The Media series.

The Kansas Lottery Board is expected to announce their selection of a casino developer and operator for the Wyandotte County-Kansas City region within the next few weeks.

Dear Editor:

The Mohegan Sun organization is proud to be cited as one of the best casino teams in the country. Working with Kansas City-based RED Development, we are committed to creating Legends Sun, a world-class destination resort casino in Wyandotte County unequivocally dedicated to quality on every front.

That is why we were disappointed that Star columnist Rick Alm chose to recycle issues that were resolved long ago in other states to the full and complete satisfaction of gaming authorities in all jurisdictions where we operate.

While the Star is investing their editorial energy toward re-salvaging long-settled issues, we are confident the citizens of Wyandotte County, Greater Kansas City and the State of Kansas will find no enterprise that will care more about continuing to build their community into a world-class destination, one wholly dedicated to operating with the highest professional integrity and ethical standards.

Sincerely yours,

Mitchell Grossinger Etess
President & Chief Executive Officer
Mohegan Sun