Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nipmuc Child Given Name At Mohegan Wigwam Festival

Feather News

At the close of today's Wigwam Festival events, Mohegan Firekeeper Throws His Hatchet, a.k.a. Tom Epps, was asked by Nipmuc Indian Troy Phillips if a naming ceremony could be performed at the Sacred Fire for Troy's newborn son.

Medicine Man Larry Matrious, an Anashabe Ojibwe, performed the ceremony and gave the boy the name of Standing Rock. In the Ojibwe language, Standing Rock is "neebowin ah sin." Standing Rock is the son of Troy and his wife, Elizabeth. Troy is a member of the Western Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs and is the spiritual nephew of Tall Oak, a fixture on the local Indian scene who descends from Wampanoags, Narragansetts and Pequot.

Tall Oak was the newborn's namesake or sponsor and was told by the Ojibwe Medicine Man that this designation carries a great responsibility toward the child. Family members gathered around the Sacred Fire's fourth day. The Sacred Fire was wakened (lit) on Thursday at sunrise and went to sleep tonight.

A smaller fire was lit near but outside of the Sacred Fire - so that it wouldn't disturb the Sacred Fire - while the Ojibwe Medicine Man performed the naming ceremony.

The Mohegan Firekeepers and Firekeeper Apprentices present were Tom, Jay and Eric.