Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tribal Member Government Employees Urged To Attend Cultural Week Activities

Feather News

A policy is said to exist that allows tribal members who work for the tribal government the right to spend up to eight hours this week to attend Cultural Week activities at Fort Shantok.

Tribal members do not have to use their comp time, vacation time or any other type of leave to attend up to eight hours of the activities this week at Fort Shantok.

Various tribal members who work for the tribal government said they knew nothing about this policy while others did know about the policy. The policy exists, other tribal members are using it and we urge all tribal members working for the tribal government to check with human resources about using the policy and spend time with their extended family at Fort Shantok.

It is not clear if the policy also applies to tribal members working at the casino or why human resources hasn't at least notified all tribal member government employees about the policy.

The Feather News urges tribal members who work for the tribal government to notify us if they are not allowed to take advantage of the policy.

Wednesday's Cultural Week schedule is posted below this article. Tribal members can also access the schedule for the entire week's activities by using the link in the top right corner of this blog site.