Thursday, September 11, 2008

Election Commitee Hearing Today At 4:30 In Tribal Meeting Room

Feather News

The Election Committee will conduct a hearing this afternoon at 4:30 in the tribal meeting room, according to sources.

The hearing will begin with a complaint filed by Throws His Hatchet, a.k.a Tom Epps, concerning blocked access to the ballot box on the last working day prior to the election and the election law that requires tribal members to vote for all elective positions on a ballot. According to the tribal election laws, tribal members must have voted for four candidates in the last election in order for their ballot to count.

A second complaint was submitted to the Election Committee by Ken Davison regarding the law that reqires tribal members to vote for all elective positions. Davison feels that tribal members should not be forced to vote for candidates that they do not want to vote for.