Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Head Of Mashantucket Pequot Government Affairs Office Attacked

Feather News

John Guevremont, the head of the Mashantucket Pequot government affairs office in Washington and a Mashantucket tribal member, was attacked along with other officials from Connecticut while attending the Republican national convention in Minnesota.

Former 2nd District Congressman Rob Simmons said that he and state party chairman Chris Healy were also attacked as they were walking to the convention hall. According to Simmons, "the attackers sprayed the delegates with a liquid mixed with bleach, hitting about 10 people ..."

"They (the police) did very little, if anything, to assist because the demonstrators had cameras and I think the police were afraid to be filmed," Simmons said.

Those who were attacked were treated on the scene and did not need to go to the hospital, according to Simmons.

The Mohegan Tribe said in a tribal council meeting two weeks ago that they were not sending delegations to either the Democratic or Republican conventions this year in order to save money.