Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tour Of Future Tribal Government Building Construction Site

Feather News

The pictures below were taken on today's tour of the site where the construction of the Tribe's future government building-community center is taking place.

The pictures are arranged counter-clockwise, beginning with the Southeastern view from the site, then Eastern view, then Northeastern view, etc.

The building is to be four stories which will provide a more commanding view - especially of the Thames River and the Norwich harbor on the Thames River - than the photos below depict. The building is currently slated to be completed in the Winter of 2009.

The total cost of the building is estimated at approximately $100 million, according to one high official. Significant funding for the project is expected by government officials to be secured in about a month in the form of a bond offering (debt).

Tribal members may tour the site every other Thursday at 3 p.m. The bus will make a pickup at the Eastern entrance to the current government building (building entrance on the Thames River side). Four people were on the tour today: the Tribe's chief financial officer, Phil Cahill, and the Tribal Council Treasurer, Bill Quidgeon, toured the site today along with the two editors of the Feather News and Brokenwing Editorials.