Thursday, December 11, 2008

Editorial: Fidelia's and Birch's Restaurants To See Changes

Feather News

This week, Brokenwing Editorials reported that Fidelia's restaurant in the casino may be closed soon. Sources have speculated that the location of Fidelia's - the only 24-hour restaurant in the casino and one of the restaurants in which the profits are believed to go directly to the Tribal government - would be leased out to another restaurant. Sources have also said that half of Birch's restaurant - another of the casino restaurants that the tribal government owns through MTGA - will be changed.

No details on these changes have yet been provided to tribal members. Since Tribal members that are age 62 and over can bring a guest to eat complimentary meals in Birch's, Fidelia's and the casino buffets, it is incumbent on the Tribe to especially notify this group of members of what changes will occur. It is also the responsibility of the Tribe to notify all members of the reason for the change.

Note: Both restaurants are owned by MTGA, which is owned by the Tribe.