Monday, January 19, 2009

February Intertribal Social Canceled? A One-Day Wigwam Event?

Feather News

The intertribal social, scheduled for February 21, is rumored to be canceled as one of the cost saving measures to be taken by the Tribal government. The intertribal social on January 25 is still on as scheduled.

It is also rumored that the annual wigwam may be cut back to one day while not holding the dance competition.

Tribal government employees are starting to hear of which positions will be cut. So far, the Wuskuso department, Planning department and Art department have been affected and staff in those departments have been told of changes. Cultural staff have yet to be told their fates but many are already talking of the changes that have been decided.

Will Wuskuso be going out less frequently?

Out of all the salary cuts made at the casino, the Tribal Council took the least? Did the Tribal Council forget to mention exactly how much their pay has been cut in their letter to the membership? Wasn't it only their cost-of-living increase that they are forgoing?