Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Proposed Freedom Of Information Ordinance Tabled By Tribal Council

Feather News

A proposed freedom of information ordinance was tabled at today's Tribal Council meeting. The reason given for tabling the ordinance was that suggestions were made yesterday which may require the Tribal Council to revise the proposed ordinance.

About twenty Tribal members, including the Council of Elders, attended today's meeting.

A draft version of the proposed freedom of information ordinance has not been provided to Tribal members or to the Feather News although an information request has been made for the document.

In other business, Phil Cahill, the Tribal government's chief operating officer, introduced Ray Kanterman as the Tribe's new fire chief. Mr. Kanterman began in that position on January 3.

Chuck Bunnell, the Tribal government's deputy chief of staff for external affairs, noted that today is the first day of the new session for the Connecticut General Assembly and that the United Auto Workers had scheduled a press conference for today.

Employees of the Public Works department were thanked for their responsiveness in these weather conditions and a thank you letter from a school was read aloud thanking the Tribe for their generous donation of $500.