Friday, March 6, 2009

Birch's Bar And Grill To Close Monday For Four Days

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Birch's Bar and Grill, a favorite dining spot for some Mohegan elders, will be closed for about four days next week due to construction that will divide part of the restaurant off to make room for another establishment.

Birch's will lose the bar section and some of its tables once a divider is put up this week to make room for Bobby Flay's eating and drinking venue that will open at a later date.

Although Birch's is owned by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, the authority will cede much of the space at Birch's as well as the entire Fidelia's restaurant to noted chef Bobby Flay.

It is not known why MTGA would give up Fidelias, which is also owned by MTGA, and part of Birch's to another entity that will split the profits instead of MTGA retaining 100 percent of the profits as it now does with those locations.

Some speculate that Flay was awarded half of the future profits from the two restaurant spaces due to MTGA's inability to follow through with a previous contract that was negotiated with Flay for a dining venue in a proposed expansion.

Although the bar at Birch's will no longer exist after next week, a smaller Birch's restaurant will continue and be open for 24 hours.

We have not yet learned of the closing date for Fidelias.