Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feather News Alters Operations

Feather News
March 10, 2009

Due to recently-passed tribal laws and our tribal government's interpretations of those laws we must suspend our normal operations until further notice.

We hope to continue writing about Indian Country in general but we are unsure as to whether we can continue to write about the Mohegan Tribe in particular.

We thank our readers for their moral support over the past year and a half and hope that at some point in the future we can once again bring to you independent news on our great Tribe.

We will review earlier articles and re-publish most of them once we feel they do not put us at risk of breaking tribal laws and policies. Since it is believed that the tribe is now also using unwritten policies as a guideline and we regettably lack the ability to read minds, the task may be difficult and time consuming.

It is unfortunate that Tribal members must now rely on government communications for their information on what happens in our Tribe but that is what our governing bodies seem to have chosen.

That is where we are. We are unsure what the future will bring but we encourage you to keep checking in on us daily for any new developments and stories.