Friday, April 3, 2009

Mohegan Sun Sports Bar At Yankee Stadium Gets Publicity

Feather News

The Mohegan Sun will have a new marketing gimmick this baseball season. A bar in the new New York Yankees baseball stadium will have the casino's name on it and, even though the seasons hasn't started yet, it is already generating publicity.

Yesterday the public got its first close-up view of the $2 billion stadium in the Bronx, watching the team at batting practice.

According to a New York Times article, one fan asks, "Is there a way in which fans can lobby the stadium to fix the construction of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar since it nearly halves the view for ticket holders?

One insider responded by saying, "It’s not like the Yankees did not know what they were doing when they cut capacity, or the Yankees were unaware of the architectural impediment the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar would create. I think this is where you have to follow the money: the team is likely to dramatically offset the slashing of prices for the 1,048 obstructed-view seats from $12 to $5 with the Mohegan’s business."

The Village Voice newspaper says, "As for those obstructed-view seats in the bleachers, meanwhile, they're every bit as bad as the computer renderings showed; in fact, even the back rows of adjacent bleacher sections will miss out on some home runs to the opposite field thanks to the Mohegan Sun sports bar that now juts out of the "black" in dead center. The Yanks' solution — a trio of HDTV screens on either side of the restaurant, so fans can follow the action on TV — look like they'll only be useful for night games, as their images were all but invisible in today's bright afternoon glare."

The casino's sports bar is a new addition to the Mohegan Sun's regular homeplate advertising campaign with the New York Yankees.