Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lisa Bernier For Tribal Council 2009

Dear Mohegan Family,

I am writing in the hopes that you will take careful consideration when voting this election. I would appreciate your vote.

Why you might ask? My name is My Heart Speaks the Truth, because that is one of my greatest qualities — that I always speak with honesty even in the toughest of times. I lean on the creator to guide me in all things no matter what. I am not afraid to speak up. I have the ability and the desire to work very hard for our Tribal members. I have worked a variety of jobs including social services within the Tribe and have volunteered for 30 years in various capacities: education, special needs, strategic planning, food pantry, sunday school and youth group.

Things I would like to accomplish for the betterment and future of our Tribe:

Mohegan leaders need to uphold their positions with the utmost respect and Integrity.

We are the leaders in our industry and should expect leaders of the Mohegan Tribe to act appropriately and never take the positions of leadership of the Mohegan Tribe for granted.

To make decisions that is in the best interest for all the Mohegan Tribe.

No more useless spending to keep our future generations in debt: The Mohegan Tribal members should not have to cut back the budget in their own homes while the administration that are working for us are getting wealthy.

The Mohegan Tribe should be in charge of our business with more Mohegan Tribal members in positions of administrative leadership.

Tribal members getting services with respect:

The Mohegan Tribal members should receive the services we deserve without being made to jump through hoops or exhausting every state and local agency before turning to the Tribe. The Mohegan Tribe should be the first place Mohegan Tribal people turn for help, not the last. We have a business to provide security for and meet the needs of the Mohegan Tribe, all Mohegan people, present and future.

The Mohegan Tribal People to have the Freedom to make decisions:

We need our Tribal families to have more freedom in making decisions for our Tribe and the plans of our business. The plans within our government and business should be transparent as to not seem that there are hidden agendas from our leaders when making decisions that do not benefit the whole Tribe including the future of our children and their trust fund.

We can all work together for a better future.

I thank you for taking the time in reading a few of my thoughts.

Lisa Bernier

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