Monday, June 1, 2009

Editorial: Connecticut Sun Tickets For Tribal Members

By Ken Davison
Feather News

Since the opening game for the Tribe's WNBA basketball team is on Saturday, I'd like to note some thoughts about the games I attended last season.

Many Tribal members enjoy watching their basketball team play and oftentimes the Mohegan Sun Arena is not full for the home games.

The Tribe should make free tickets available to Tribal members when the games are not sold out. This would not cost the casino anything. In fact, any food or beverages bought by Tribal members at the games would add to revenue.

Of course it doesn't matter whether Tribal members buy food or drinks at the game or not but we only mention it here to give the Tribal Council a perfect reason to give out tickets to Tribal members.

If that doesn't work for the Tribal Council then this should: Some of the home games that I attended were also televised on ESPN and no doubt the TV audience saw empty seats in the arena. If only from a public perception point of view it makes sense to fill the seats.

Why not try to fill the arena by offering free tickets to Tribal members who are ultimately the people who are footing the bill for the team?

What other reasons do we need to provide so that the Tribal Council will see that it makes sense to give out tickets to our membership. Okay, one more reason: election season, cough up the tickets.

Go Sun!!