Thursday, June 11, 2009

Universal Pictures Selects Director For Mohegan Movie

Feather News

The movie is called "Chief Ron" and is being produced by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment about a conman who claims Mohegan Indian ancestry and is on a quest to build a casino in New York.

The movie is a comedy to be directed by Justin Theroux and is based on the true story of Ron Roberts who tried to get recognition for a group that calls itself the Western Mohegan Tribe of New York. The movie deviates from the facts by portraying the Western Mohegan Tribe as suceeding in the courtroom and being allowed to build the casino in upstate New York. The script was written by Jordan Roberts. It is not known if there is any relation between the writer and Ron Roberts.

Ronald Roberts previously pleaded guilty to filing false documents to the government in the Western Mohegan Tribe's bid for federal recognition, according to statements made by the Department of Interior's Inspector General's Office.

The Western Mohegan Tribe obtained the title from the County of Ulster for the Tamarack Hotel complex in the Catskill Mountains of New York, where the Tribe's offices are located.