Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photos: American Indian Powwow In Berkshire Mountains, NY

Mohegan Aaron Athey


Mohegan Aaron Athey was the Master of Ceremonies and Arena Director for the fourth consecutive year at the The Shake, Rattle and Drum Powwow in Stephentown, located in the Berkshire Mountains of New York. The powwow event, which took place over the weekend, was also combined with the Spirit of the Mountain Music Festival in which singers such as Joanne Shenandoah participated.

The host drum was Rez Dogs and the Honor Drum was Mystic Rive

Mohegan Wombayomuks, a.k.a. Bill Donehey, was at the powwow and said, "Dancers competed for prize money, but an interesting thing, because the local folks had come by the thousands the promoters of the event increased the number of prizes and honorariums given to all those who participated in the dances. The townspeople and the sponsors were so impressed they asked Fidel and his wife Susan to do it again next year. This was the fourth annual Shake, Rattle and Drum pow wow and Spirit on the Mountain music fest, The event goer gets a powwow in the daytime and a music festival at night for the same price of admission, and in today's economy that is truly stretching your entertainment dollar."

"The powwow was also to honor military veterans past and present. The U.S. Department of Defense had their mobile counseling and resource center on site, housed in a 28-foot motor home outfitted with all the necessary information and equipment to provide immediate assistance to veterans. There were also councilors from other military veteran associations available to speak with anyone who is coping with grief or anxiety issues. It was really nice to see an event that was truly healing in nature and not just pomp and circumstance for the tourist. There were also Senators, Congressman and other dignitaries there to provide support and listen to their concerns," according to Wombayomuks.