Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photos: Hurricane Bill Misses East Coast But Affects Waves

Photos and narrative by Bill Donehey
"I spent 30 years living on the west coast, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Doheny Beach and Zuma were some of my favorite spots to watch the waves and the surfers. I drove along the Rhode Island Shore this past weekend and spotted a site that I only thought possible on an August day in California...Surfers riding BIG! waves. Many of the riders were content to sit on their boards and let the big ones go by, but among them were a few talented individuals that rode like a Malibu veteran. The crowds of on lookers were two rows deep at the breakers in Newport, everyone I saw had a huge smile knowing they had just seen something rare and spectacular. The day took me back to the beaches of California where the site of huge waves and a pounding surf is an everyday occurance, and soon is taken for granted. New England is and always will be the most beautiful part of the country - wait fifteen minutes and it will have a whole new site to behold." Bill Donehey