Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos: Saturday's Mohegan Wigwam Festival

The Mohegan Wigwam Festival
By Bill Donehey

Saturday, August 15, 2009. The one day Mohegan Green Corn Festival (pow wow) was HOT! The crowds were as anticipated, manageable. Most event goers sought the shade of the large tent happy to watch native dancers perform. The number of vendors was small, most stating that a one day event does not provide the income they need to operate. The food vendors were not lacking support, many of the event goers spent nearly half the pow wow waiting in line to get their annual fry bread taco or buffalo burger, The cranberry lemonade was a huge hit, lemonade topped with tart cranberries, cool stuff on a hot, hot day. Some Tribal members participated in the grand entry, donning their annual regalia, some dressed in animal hides and smiled behind a stream of persperation. On Sunday the huge tent remained erect, void of any drumming or dancing while a few volunteers began the process of tearing down. Many still question why only one day? The Narragansetts who do not own a casino seem to have few problems holding a two and a half day event, Maybe this is an indicator that sometimes too much is too much. What would the ancestors say?