Monday, September 14, 2009

Editorial: Connecticut Sun Win Last Game Of Year Against Indiana 95-85

Feather News

The Connecticut Sun beat Indiana yesterday by a score of 95-85. That was the last regular season game and since the Sun did not make the playoffs, we won't see them until next year.

Yesterday's game attracted more fans than any other home game this year. Attendance was reported at just over 9,047, about 2,000 more people than the other home games.

In every game I watched this year and last year, the Sun seem to limit themselves to taking the riskier outside shots instead of driving to the basket for high-percentage layups. The Feather News noted this in an article last year too.

The Sun lost more games than it won this year. Their season record was 16-18. Fans of any team want their team to be a winner. Tribal members are fans and owners. The Tribe now has a new Tribal Councilor that was a star basketball player in college and perhaps she could act as a coach too. How cool would that be? I guarantee she would have that team driving to the basket and dominating the key around the basket.

Lost games also mean lost revenue. Adding up all of the empty seats for the home games you arrive at thousands and thousands of empty seats for the season. It is still our position that if there are seats available, why not offer them to Tribal members for free. Give the Tribal members something to wave at the game and call them volunteers so there would be no doubt that the free ticket isn't taxable to the Tribal member. The alternative is to let thousands of seats to remain vacant to keep the television audiences wondering why attendance is so low at the games. And to those Tribal members who bought season tickets, they should be refunded the cost as long as there were empty seats at the games in which they attended.

What should the team do about the Sun's head coach Mike Thibault? Is it time for new leadership? Will a Mohegan Tribal Councilor become a mentor or coach to the women's basketball team?