Thursday, September 10, 2009

Local Wii Bowling Tournament Held In Cabaret

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This installment of The Tribes In The Media is a Norwich Bulletin article about a Wii bowling tournament held in the casino's Cabaret Theatre.

The Cabaret Theater at Mohegan Sun has basically been eliminated as one of the casino's busy music venues but other activities take place in the theatre, which was built as part of the 2001 expansion that added the Sky casino and hotel and the retail/restaurant corridor that links the Sky casino with the original Earth casino.

A Nintendo Wii bowling tournament was held in the Cabaret for seniors. The MTGA's Connecticut Sun basketball team furnished the prizes, including a first-place prize of a private booth at this weekend's Tony Orlando concert in the Wolf Den bar.

Seniors hit the virtual lanes at Mohegan Sun
Tournament brings together Wii bowlers from across the state
By Ryan Blessing
Norwich Bulletin
September 9, 2009

Mohegan, Conn. — There was excitement, good-spirited rivalry and even minor controversy at the Connecticut Sun’s Senior Wii Bowling Tournament Wednesday at Mohegan Sun.

The Sun’s first Wii tournament builds on the new trend of seniors getting together to challenge their peers in neighboring communities to bowling games on the Nintendo Wii video game console. Several senior citizen centers in Eastern Connecticut towns have acquired the Wii in the past year.

“They’re all bowling on the Wii now,” said Gwen Pointer, the Sun’s director of marketing. “It’s a great way to keep people active.”

Four women from Colchester who entered the tournament — Peg Coulombe, Ruth Tallman, Bethann Duff and Pat Nardella — bowled a score of 701 in their first round of play. Not terrible, but not great. They were convinced the sensor that reads their handheld controller’s movements was off-center, making it harder to toss a ball down the center of the lane on the video game screen.

“We do much better at home,” Duff said. “That’s a crooked TV.”

But the women said they had fun.

“Peg and I are getting ready for another tournament on the 22nd in Montville,” Duff said.

Twenty-one teams started the first round of play, held in the casino’s Cabaret in front of the stage. Four teams advanced to the semifinals, followed by two teams in the finals. The team with the highest total in the finals, the Lightning Strikes of Torrington, won the championship over the East Hartford Wizards.

The team’s prize, furnished by the Connecticut Sun, was a Tony Orlando prize pack — a private booth for Orlando’s Saturday show at Mohegan Sun and a chance to meet the singer. Second- and third-place teams received Connecticut Sun tickets and prize packs, while the team with the lowest score in round one got Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.

Colchester and Griswold made it to the second round of play before being eliminated.

Griswold’s team, the Hooligans, was decked out in blue team shirts. Members waved inflatable Rally Rods to cheer their teammates. The team bowled a 666 and 689 in the first round.

Team member Lois Sprague, 76, was proud of her score of 202.

“I’m just good,” she said.

The players in the tournament will be recognized at Sunday’s Sun game, which is also a fan appreciation day.