Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Norwich Mayor Acknowledges Mohegan Tribe In State Of The City Address

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In yesterday´s State of the City address, incoming Norwich Mayor Peter Nystrom pledged to strengthen the citý´s future, praised the city´s high credit rating and wants the city to be a leader in green technologies. Nystrom also said he looked forward to working with the Mohegan Tribe as he thanked the Tribe for its participation in the Sachem Fund and in last year´s deed-signing re-enactment which was part of the city´s 350th anniversary celebration.

Nystrom´s predecessor, former mayor Benjamin Lathrop, spoke in Mohegan at last summer´s re-enactment of Mohegan Chief Uncas signing over the 9 square miles of land that would include what is now the city of Norwich.

Nystrom said at one point in his speech, ¨We continue to enjoy a strong relationship with our neighbors of The Mohegan Nation. During the recent 350 anniversary celebration they assisted us in the re-enactment of the deed signing ceremony of the City of Norwich. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Mohegan Nation through the Sachem Fund. I would be remiss in my responsibilities if I did not acknowledge and give thanks to the Leaders of the Mohegan Nation and former Mayor Benjamin Lathrop who together made this event possible. I look forward to establishing a strong personal friendship with the members of the Mohegan Tribal Council as well.¨

The Norwich city council also voted yesterday not to buy from the state for $1 their 61 acres of the Norwich Hospital property, located on the opposing bank of the Thames River from the Mohegan Reservation. The environmental cleanup costs were estimated at $5 million and cited as a chief factor in the the city council´s decision not to purchase the land. The town of Preston owns the remaining 390 acres of the Norwich Hospital property.