Monday, May 10, 2010

President Obama Nominates Elena Kagan To Supreme Court

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President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court today.

Kagan, 50 years old and a former dean of Harvard Law School, would replace the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens if she is confirmed by the Senate.

President Obama said, "Elena is widely regarded as one of the nation's foremost legal minds. She's an acclaimed legal scholar with a rich understanding of constitutional law. She is a former White House aide, with a life-long commitment to public service and a firm grasp of the nexus and boundaries between our three branches of government."

Kagan previously served in the Clinton White House and, along with Obama, taught at the University of Chicago Law School.

In her current role as Solicitor General, Kagan represents the U.S. government before the Supreme Court and decides when to appeal lower court rulings. Kagan's nomination to the Solicitor General position required Senate confirmation, which took place last year.

If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Kagan would become the only current Supreme Court Justice without prior experience as a judge, making it difficult to understand her views as opposed to those who have made judicial decisions and written opinions as judges.