Sunday, August 1, 2010

Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Gambling Bill

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The Massachusetts Senate and House voted on Saturday to approve a gambling bill that would result in three resort casinos and slot machines at two of the state's racetracks.

The House passed the bill by a vote of 115-36 yesterday followed by the Senate's vote of 25-15 in the afternoon of the last day of its two-year legislative session.

The legislation calls for three casinos - one resort casino in eastern, southeastern and western Massachusetts and all three competitively bid - while also providing for 1,000-1,250 slot machines at two racetracks. Each of the casino licenses would be sold for $85 million while the racetrack slot parlor licenses would go for $20-25 million each.

Everyone is now looking for what Governor Deval Patrick will do. Patrick's signature on the bill is required for it to become law. Patrick issued a statement on Friday that he was disappointed with the bill because it calls for slot machines at more than one racetrack.

If Patrick vetoes the bill, the legislature could reconvene to try to overide his veto or to pass amendments that would change bill enough for Patrick to sign it.