Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pocono Downs Table Game Revenue Slips To Lowest Level Since Opening

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Consistent with the seasonal nature of gambling in the Northeast, table game revenue at the Mohegan's Pocono Downs casino in Pennsylvania reached its lowest level in December.

Pocono Downs' table game revenue, the amount lost by customers at the tables, was $3.2 million in December. Table game revenue at Pocono Downs for the first five months of table game operations were:

August $3.5 million
September $3.4 million
October $3.5 million
November $3.6 million
December $3.2 million

Taxes and expenses related to table games are not deducted from the above amounts. Pocono Downs increased the number of table games from 72 in August to 84 table games in later months.